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Typographical errors in library databases - A list compiled between 1997 and now that compiles typographical errors found in library catalogs.

Library of American Civilization titles available online

Very Innovative WebpacsExemplary Innovative Interfaces webpacs, including a special section on WebpacPro sites.

East of Eden a resource guide about the 1955 film with material from the Kazan papers at Wesleyan University.

My gadget blog. I have done so many projects in geotagging and igoogle page gadgets that I created a blog that lists them all.

My professional page as a librarian.

A day with Diogenes - a fanciful interview with the founder of the Cynic school of philosophy.

Mark Twain pilgrimages Following the well-travelled author around the country and the world.

Photo gallery at Pbase

My librarian blog

Artificial Stupidity Mostly about politics (WARNING: contains unapologetic liberal content).

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