Chosen by Terry Ballard, Assistant Director of Technical Services for Library Systems, New York Law School Library,

Revised January 16, 2019

Introduction. Both times that I was called upon to design a III Webpac, I started by looking at every webpac that was available for public viewing. I then got an idea of what mine should look like. In the meantime, the number has grown substantially, so looking at every webpac has become an unmanageable task. As a service to the profession, I decided to look at the field one more time, and choose a fairly small number of Webpacs that have something extra to offer. In almost every case, the chosen OPACs have been completely designed by the host institution from the Main page right down to the individual bibliographic record. In addition, I have looked for important extra features such as Z39.50 broadcast, Table of Contents, and Cascading Style sheets. In the end, I hope to have a file that will be useful and a source of inspiration to future Webpac designers. Entries have been reviewed on February 3, 2016 for accuracy.

Examples of excellent Innovative Interfaces sites:




Canisius College Google Books Preview
Michigan State University Encore site, Records created by XML Harvester .
Milwaukee County Library System Dynamic and interactive links to new materials
Westerville Public Library MAP "Meta Bridge" links to book covers and reviews and MetaFind.
Athabasca University, ILL Forms.
Rodman Public Library 3, Dynamic searches to special materials, Links to book reviews
Ohiolink Massive database, Table of Contents Feature
Rochester Institute of Technology Dynamic new books feature using the III/Oracle interface , SFX.
Washington University Database , Table of Contents

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