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A small sampling of images collected in the past 25 years. A much larger and more current file of my work can be found at www.pbase.com/terryballard

This was a double exposure I took in the late 70's for a photography class at Arizona State.

New York's St. Patrick's Day parade, 2002.

Christmas Day, 2001. We went to New York City to see the windows, and finished at Sammy's Noodle Shop in the West Village.

A woman in Jackson Square, New Orleans. Her job is to stand there blowing bubbles.

On our first trip to Western Pennsylvania, we stopped by
Fallingwater, Frant Lloyd Wright's masterpiece.

I've added this old picture of Chester, England, simply because I think it's one of the better shots I've ever taken. If you like it, you might also enjoy some of the pictures I took at Watership Down on the same trip.

We also were at David Cone's perfect game in 1999.
This is my shot of the game's aftermath as the bench is clearing.
Click on the picture for the full story and more pictures.

In 2002, my wife was involved in a giant project begun by a Long Island cub scout troop - make a flag consisting of a giant quilt with a square for each person killed at the World Trade Center. While I was looking up at it in the mall, I heard a small girl exclaim - "Mommy, look! Daddy's name is up there."

One evening in Edinburgh, Scotland, I caught one of those perfect moments for light.

This was taken at Rocky Point, Mexico in the 1960's.

In New Orleans, we visited the factory where Mardi Gras floats are made.

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