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ntroduction: One interesting thing about the web is that it's pretty easy to find something that nobody else has done, and do that. In that spirit, and until somebody else does it better and I just link to them, here is a page that coordinates information about Eric Rohmer, the French film director.

� � It's been about 30 years since I saw "The Aviator's Wife," a simple film about a young man who trails the pilot with whom his girlfriend is having an affair. Along the way, he meets a teenaged girl who joins his quest for her own amusement, and momentarily diverts him. Other people in the audience were grumbling as they left, with remarks like "what a waste of time," but I had the opposite view. Here is a filmmaker with the courage to make a film his own way, to make you care about the characters simply because of the way they act, with no help from music or special effects.

� � One reason I always enjoy a Rohmer film (although some more than others) is that his characters never tell the truth about themselves, but you find out what the truth is by watching their actions. In that way, every film is like a puzzle. It's also enjoyable to see the audience reaction. I saw "A tale of Springtime" at the Lincoln Center Theaters, and afterwards, people walked out looking like they were living the film. After a "Tale of Winter," you couldn't find anyone who wasn't crying at least a bit.

Memorial Tributes

Thank you for letting us into your world so many times. Thank you for introducing us to Maud, Felicie, Lucie and even Chloe. Thank you for proving that cinema can be a truly intelligent art form even though we're still sitting in the aisles with knowing smiles on our faces. Thank you for all you did to make the ordinary seem magical.
Terry Ballard

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Column in the Independent about interviewing Rohmer

� � And now, since this is my page, here is my prioritized list of Rohmer films in the order that I enjoyed them:

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A Tale of Winter

The Aviator's Wife

My night at Maud's

Rayon Vert

On YouTube A brief section of an interview with Rohmer late in his life.

A Rohmer bibliography of articles and books in English. It was created in December of 2005.

Nearly 100 articles in

An online article by Alan Pavelin that looks at Rohmer's entire career.

Painting of Anne-Laurie Meury. A very nicely done Web oddity - a painting inspired by one look on Meury's face in Aviator's Wife.

On top of the Wave and Against the stream, by Per Magnus

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Note: Many of Rohmer's films are available on video. This listing tracks the availability in DVD: Titles available in the United States.

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