Here is something that I wrote for a student project in the 1970's, and it sat in a drawer for decades, until I found out through the Internet that there are lots of people interested in the Greek philosopher Diogenes, and this has taken on a life of its own: A day with Diogenes.

At the end of the last century, Mark Twain wrote a speech where the 19th Century salutes the twentieth. That got me wondering what he would say if he could sum up the current century. Find out HERE. Twain buffs might also enjoy my page of Mark Twain pilgrimages. Also, a question came up recently in the Twain online discussion about his magazine contributions, and I was able to produce a bibliography of 140 of them at twainjournals.html

Over the past 25 years, I've travelled to a lot of places connected to my favorite books. This is a section that explores some of those places, including Watership Down and a second section that includes Steinbeck, Thoreau, T.E. Lawrence, and Mark Twain

MacByte takes a famous speech from Shakespeare and turns it into computer jargon.

The following story, Eclipse needs a bit of explanation. I wrote this in the late 1980's as a satire of runaway growth in Phoenix - imagining what the place would be like in the year 2002. By balancing social satire, a plot line that was unwittingly the sort of thing Eric Rohmer would write, and gleeful predictions about an idiotic future, I should have produced something that I would want to burn, but I still like the silly thing. Since we are just past the time of the story's , it might be fun to see how I did. I'm not entirely ashamed of it. For years I had this up as an ugly pdf of a stack of typewritten pages.

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