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For those of you who also enjoy the works of French film director Eric Rohmer, here is a subpage devoted to him. Rohmer achieved his 80th birthday on April 4, 2000 - a fact that was ignored by all of the major newspapers in America, but not by the excellent online film journal "Senses of Cinema." Their April, 2000 issue contains a number of features about Rohmer, including Rohmer Talk, to which I was invited to contribute. Adecade later, when he died, his passing was ignored by the Academy, even though he had been nominated for an Oscar for My Night at Maud's. In 2001, I was asked to write about my favorite film for "Senses," so I offered to write about "East of Eden". As these things go, this article got me involved in a campaign to promote the release of this film on DVD, and this begat a new Web Page.

Every summer at Quinnipiac, an art professor named Suzan Shutan teaches a course in sculture using materials found in nature. The results of this usually remind people of the Blair Witch Project. In any case, it is one of the pleasures of being at Quinnipiac. I went up the trail in 2003 and got a few pictures of the current work before nature did what it does and reclaimed the art. If this has any resonance, I'll shoot this year's crop as well. See 2003 at Summer Art.

Possibly the most far-out fringe group you can imagine is The Dead Librarian's Society, composed of librarians interested in the Grateful Dead. Check out our page, Deaducated.

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