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It is a grass roots effort to preserve the best of Irish historical materials available on the web.

Terry Ballard, a librarian who is manager of this site has made four trips to Ireland to work on projects of digital preservation.

Suggestions are always welcomed.

Featured ebooks

New collection of a million public domain images from the British Library in Flickr's Creative Commons has more than 1400 Irish images available for retooling.

Digital Public Library of America collection of more than 2000 ebooks about Irish History

The Lawrence Collection of 20,000 digitized images from the National Gallery of Ireland.

1901 & 1911 Census of Ireland

Ask about Ireland A massive portal with, among other things, contributions by each county library in the country.

CELT: The Corpus of Electronic Texts. This project from University College Cork is the original Irish digitization site,and the remain the class act in all of this. Between what they have produced and what they track, this is your first stop in researching Irish history.

Free Irish History EBooks

History of Ireland: Primary documents

The Round towers of Ireland, 1877

Fondations of Irish culture

National Library of IrelandDigital photograph collection.

Parliamentary Papers of Britain concerning Ireland 1801-

Ireland Illustrated, an 1831 illustrated volume.

Views of the Famine

Scholarly articles about the Irish famine in the Digital Commons

Scholarly articles about the Irish Troubles in the Digital Commons

Sean Carlson's award-winning essay on the reach of an Irish village

Transcriptions provided by the Clare Library

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Kilrush 1849
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Original images of the Kenmare books provided by the Kerry County Library

November 29, 1845

December 27, 1845

January 31, 1846

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