When our library was rebuilt in 2000, it opened with a new special collection of books and artwork concerning the Great Famine. A year later, I began digitizing some of the titles and publishing them on the web - you can see our work at www.thegreathunger.org. This helped to rekindle the love of Ireland that I developed in 1976 when first travelled there. In the Spring of 2003, I had the privilege of going to Ireland on an internal grant to investigate the state of digitization of historic materials in that country. For those who are curious, my trip report is at www.terryballard.org/irish/footsteps.htmlAll in all, there were four trips to Ireland on behalf of Quinnipiac. Here is a gallery of some of the most popular images to come out of those visits: www.pbase.com/terryballard/irelandpop:

I've developed a series of web page Backgrounds and Bars around these images - free for anyone who wants to use them.