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This is going to be a different kind of a Grateful Dead web page. For one thing, it will be one that you can rely on to be in this very spot - forever, or until Yahoo goes out of business. Secondly, as librarians, we have our own ideas about information, and I believe you can count on this page to have well-patrolled and solid links.

Did I mention a somewhat different point of view. For instance, did you know that at least 3 people got PH.D's in the 1990s doing dissertations entirely about the Dead? Most people wouldn't even think about things like that, but we do.

Then there are the ways that we are like most other Dead sites out there. We love the music. We hope that you will enjoy this offbeat approach to the band, and you will visit often.

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."

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Dead Links!

(In only one sense of the term)

The Grateful Dead Lyrics and Song Finder is a great new addition to Dead scholarship. It was started by Alex Allen, a high member of the British government (Not a cheap pun).

A CNN Interview with the re-formed Dead.

Mis-heard lyrics of the Grateful Dead. This site has entries for nearly all bands in Rock Music.

Mickey Hart's entry into the Library of Congress Board. Welcome to the profession, Mickey!

Think you've seen everything about the Dead? How about this list of anagrams of the band and its members at The Dreadful Gate.

David Gans' page of original writings and Dead links.

Dead Images - more than 9000 of them from Google's new image database - limited to JPGs only. Cool.

What Dead page could avoid linking to The Official Dead Page? Certainly not this one.

Robert Hunter's page. Enough said.

The Annotated Dead Lyrics. We weren't surprised to find that this ultra-classy site was built by a librarian. Said librarian, David Dodd, has just authored a book called the The Grateful Dead Reader , published in 2000 by the Oxford University Press. Anyone who enjoys David's page or this page is a likely candidate to buy this book.

Grateful Dead Holdings in Ohiolink, a consortium of academic libraries in Ohio. This is a dynamic link, so check it later.

Complete set-lists on an FTP site at UC Berkeley. is the musical equivalent of the Internet Movie Database. Good, detailed bios and discographies of everyone associated with the Dead, and most any other band.

The old Hippie's Grateful Links Most of his links are in alphabetical order - a kindred spirit.

That's all for now. Keep on bookin'.

"Leave it if you dare."

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